First mentioned as a ducal hunting lodge in 1193, the city has changed hands multiple times over the course of history. 

Soviet Wastelands have over 8 years of experience with taking people just like you to explore Chernobyl and Pripyat. We operate a minimum of six Chernobyl group tours throughout the year at a bargain price. Beginning in Kyiv and taking in all the main sights of the zone, the early start on the second day also means we get the entire zone to ourselves for a few hours before any other tour groups appear. On our winter tours, this is the perfect chance to see the sunrise over the military base at Duga or over the ghost city of Pripyat.

We realize there are a lot of people offering tours to Pripyat, but when you book your Chernobyl Tour with us, we promise exclusive access that no one else gives. We only use a small selection of government guides who we know and trust, some of whom were even born inside what is now the exclusion zone. Our Chernobyl team are all exemplary examples of professional tour guides in extreme environments.

Each year, we run over 6 scheduled one and two-day tours to Chernobyl as part of our very popular Chernobyl and Transnistria tours. All of our tours are capped at a strict capacity of 20 people and a minimum of two tour guides for every ten people, meaning you get the best tour experience possible.

From the first email to the goodbye at the end of the tour, you will receive a premium service from our trained team. You will be picked up from your hotel between 07:30 – 08:00 and begin the drive to Chernobyl, on the way you’ll stop for breakfast and after around 2 hours you’ll hit the first checkpoint. Once entry clearance has taken place you’ll begin your extensive tour of the zone.

A sample itinerary of sites visited on our group tours to Chernobyl:

  • We’ll wake up nice and early to get on our comfortable AC minibus to the Chernobyl exclusion zone. On the way there, we stop for breakfast at a well-stocked gas station as well as watch a documentary on the disaster. The journey to the first checkpoint will take around two hours.
  • On arrival, we go through the entry procedure and processing of our permits. This can take anywhere from fifteen minutes to one hour.
  • Visit the village Zalissya, the main square of the town of Chernobyl where we will see one of the last Lenin statues still standing in Ukraine.
  • Lunch at the Workers Cafe (no produce is grown on-site).
  • Visit ghost city of Pripyat taking in the docks, local shops, Monument to the Firefighters, exposition of the remotely operated machines, hills of the buried village Kopachi, rustic kindergarten, panoramic angle of Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the new sarcophagus, the Stone Road sign of Pripyat, Bridge of Death, Lenin Street, the main square of Pripyat, supermarket, Amusement Park, School #3 (with gas masks), and the Olympic swimming pool.
  • Visit Duga 3, nicknamed the “Russian Woodpecker,” a Soviet “over-the-horizon” radar at its base “Chernobyl 2.” with a sprawling Soviet military base surrounding it.
  • We also try our best to visit a range of sites we can’t mention online depending on conditions on the ground on the day of the tour.

For our full list of scheduled group tours to Chernobyl, see our Soviet Group tours page.

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